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August 2016

Destination 4: Nicaragua

Named after the Dutch pirate Abraham Blauvelt, who hid in the bay’s waters around 1600, Bluefields is the main city on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. It was destroyed by Hurricane Joan in 1988, but was rebuilt. To get there you need to take the speedboat at the Rama port. Download the updated programme of the Forum on #cinforum16


Programme: The reality of living and working in fragile contexts

Attend the training ‘Security and Stress Management for NGOs’ on 5-7 September

Are you a professional preparing for an assignment in humanitarian action or development work abroad? Are you working in Headquarters and preparing for a field visit, or a manager responsible for security?

The training”Security and Stress Management for NGOs” will teach you to:

  • Assess the major security risks prevailing in the country of assignment
  • Take adequate measures to prevent incidents or limit their consequences
  • Apply simple, personal stress management tools related to safety
  • Identify situations when emotional first aid should be applied and practise it
  • Understand the legal obligations of the Swiss Abroad Act for individuals and organisations

Between theoretical inputs, group works, and exchange of experiences, during 2 or 3 days you will be formed by cinfo and the Crisis Management Centre (KMZ) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA).


Presentation at the Forum cinfo 2016 on 28 October ‘The reality of working and living in fragile contexts’

Moreover you should not miss the conference “The reality of working and living in fragile contexts.

Where: Stade de Suisse, Berne.

When: 10.30am

Find more information about this career event on our website and our Social Media channels fbtwitterlinkedin



Destination 3: Barcelona

Catalan modernista architecture developed between 1885 and 1950 and left an important legacy in Barcelona. Several of these buildings are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are strongly protected by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency.


The Forum cinfo 2016 is taking us today to visit one the best-known  work of architect Antoni Gaudí: the immense church of the Sagrada Família.
The week-end is coming, and who knows where the Forum will take us next! #cinforum16


Behind the scenes

Step by step, every piece of the puzzle is coming together: the Forum cinfo 2016 team is moving from programme points to entertaining side-events to make this years’ Forum an unforgettable event!


More updates on the programme of the Forum will come out soon: keep following us!

Programme: Entry points in international cooperation

Attend our ‘Reflexionstag’ on 25 August

Have you ever considered working in the area of development cooperation or humanitarian aid, maybe at the ICRC, a UN organization or an NGO? There are many ways and opportunities to start or re-orient your career in this direction. Would you like to know more about

  • The job market of international cooperation
  • Different potential employers
  • How your career path might look like
  • Entry opportunities in IC?

Manyroadsleadto_drawingWe strongly encourage you to attend our ‘Reflexionstag’ on 25 August 2016 in Bienne where, beside receiving a range of information you will have the chance to personally discuss your profile with one of our counsellors.

More information and registration to the Reflexionstag here.

 Input presentation at the Forum cinfo 2016 on 28 October
‘Many roads lead to Timbuktu’

Moreover, you shouldn’t miss the input presentation of our counsellor Beat Geiser on entry opportunities in international cooperation on behalf of the Forum cinfo 2016.

Where: Stade de Suisse, Berne

When: 9:30 a.m.

Find more information about this career event on our website and our Social Media channels fbtwitterlinkedin

Going social: #cinforum16

Let’s go social! Before and at the Forum cinfo 2016 we’ll be present on different Social Media channels, including this eventblog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In order to collect all your questions, discussions, suggestions and comments in one place, please add to everything you write regarding the Forum cinfo 2016 our event hashtag: #cinforum16

We look forward to receiving your input and interacting with you!


Destination 2: Belgrade


Named the “White city”, Belgrade lies 117 m above sea level and is located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Its historical core, Kalemegdan, lies on the right banks of both rivers. Today, the Forum cinfo 2016 is enjoying this wonderful view on the Danube. ‪Next destination is soon to come! #‎cinforum16‬

Destination 1: Mauritius


Seeking to broaden its horizons, the Forum cinfo 2016 is litterally making a journey all across the world. First destination: sun, sand & sea in Mauritius! And where will it be next week? Soon you will find flyers all across Switzerland: who will share the picture of Forum cinfo 2016 in the most extravagant location? Challenge is on! ‪#‎cinforum16‬


Interview with… Daniel Glinz

Daniel Glinz has worked 18 years for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC); ten of those in the field. After spending nearly half of his professional life in humanitarian action, he is now putting his knowledge at others service, as an advisor and trainer at cinfo.


At the Forum cinfo 2016, Daniel will be a panellist around the themes of “Working and living in fragile contexts” and “Lost in Transition”.
We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions:

1) Daniel, how did you enter the world of humanitarian action?

I wanted a job, but not in the “established” system, and preferably abroad – somewhere else physically, but also in another mind-set. I wanted to escape what I consider being the routine world, to find something colourful and more adventurous.

2) What does International Cooperation mean to you?

Well, I have worked almost all years abroad, in humanitarian action, and have practically no experience in development. My main motivation was clearly an anthropological one: discover other ways of living and understanding how people think, love, live, etc. It was a motivation there, where I was also involved in helping other people understand different cultures, but it has remained a motivation now, with the trainings I offer on multi-culturalism, dialogue, and self-reflection.

3) At the Forum 2016, you are going to be a panellist for the conferences on “Working in fragile contexts” and “Lost in Transition”. Could you share with us a little bit of insight?

The discussion around  “Working in fragile contexts” turns around the subject of “finding a balance between over consciousness and excess of courage”. If you want to contribute to anybody else’s development, you have to avoid putting yourself in danger, and therefore being a danger for the others and for the objectives of the job. However, being conscious does not mean being paralysed. We will therefore analyse what courage means.
There is a saying that I like, which kind of summarises the topic: “The shy is afraid before the danger, the coward in the middle of the danger, the courageous after the danger. » (Johann Paul Friedrich Richter)

« Lost in transition » is about exploring the push and pull factors of somebody going to work in International Cooperation. There are always elements that attract you and others that repel you. The conference will turn around the effort of introspection to bring to the surface both these elements.

4) Now that you “came out” of the world of humanitarian action, and you are a Senior Advisor and Trainer, what do you exactly do? And what would you suggest to someone that is scared of making this “return” step?

About the first question: my job consists in supporting and stimulating people active in this sector in their own reflection, in order for them to be more aligned with themselves and with the institutions they are working for. In a nutshell, I help people reconnect with themselves and try to bring them towards professional happiness.
My advice for people that are scared to leave the International Cooperation world, the work on the field, or any kind of domain: listen to your body and follow your heart.

More about Daniel’s experiences and the entire conferences “Working in fragile contexts” and “Lost in Transition” at Forum cinfo 2016! #cinforum16

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