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September 22, 2016

Working and living in fragile contexts

Sad events such as the recent bombing of an aid convoy in Syria remind us of the importance of security, more specifically, feeling safe in different contexts. This topic will be addressed in a panel discussion at the Forum cinfo. How is security perceived in different countries? Watch this video – you might be surprised.

More about the programme of the Forum cinfo: #cinforum16


Application preparation workshops for UN / IFIs – only at the Forum cinfo 2016

Working with the United Nations or an international financial institution (IFI) offers the opportunity to gain exceptional international experience, and to operate in a challenging and exciting, global and diverse environment. Given the nature of these organisations, the selection and recruitment process is highly competitive, and in certain circumstances can be lengthy. At the Forum cinfo, Swiss nationals interested in a career with the UN or an IFI such as the World Bank, IFC, ADB, AfDB, IDB or EBRD, are encouraged to apply for participation in an interactive workshop designed to enhance their application and interviewing skills. Additional individual interviews with hiring organisations can be set up; more information will follow if you are selected to participate in this workshop.

Are you a Swiss national aiming to increase your application preparation skills for a position with the UN or an international financial institution (IFI)? Apply now to participate in this workshop, organized on the 28 October in the framework of the Forum cinfo 2016! #cinforum16



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Forum cinfo 2016

A Journey in International Cooperation