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Lost in transition


Is working as an expat a choice for life or is there an expiry date? How long to stay and when/how to go are crucial questions for the open discussion.
In a subsequent workshop, you will be invited to elaborate new ways of transmitting your knowledge and experience to the next generation of aid workers.
At 13.30, “Lost in Transition?”: one of the exciting panel discussions you can’t miss on the 28 October at the Forum cinfo 2016!
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Information session: EBRD & World Bank

Ever thought about working with an international financial institution (IFI) but wondered how this might look like? Attend the panel discussion at 14:30 at the Forum cinfo and don’t miss exchanging with representatives of renowned institutions!
Also there will be an information session on working as a JPO with the World Bank and EBRD – more information soon! #cinforum16


Individual Discussions

Interested in learning more about your career opportunities with UNFPA, EBRD, the World Bank or AfDB? As a Swiss national you can participate in short individual consultations with HR recruiters of respective institutions – apply now! #cinforum16


The speakers


Destination: Iran

The Shah Mosque of Isfahan (Iran) is one of the everlasting masterpieces of architecture in Iran. With its 18 million bricks and 475’000 tiles, the mosaic represents a full palette of seven colours: when the light hits its surface, you experience sun, surface- and underwater all at once. No wonder it is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The Mosque’s majestic construction began in 1611 and was renamed after one of the most “unusual” modern revolutions – the Iranian Revolution of 1979 – which had an immense impact internationally, profoundly changing the image of Islam.


Daniel Glinz will be directly going from taking this picture to be one of our speakers at the panel “Lost in Transition”, at the Forum cinfo! Stay up to date on!

Swisspeace at the Forum


Here a video, which shows the impressions people have about the different trainings:


Destination 6: Berlin

From the 13th to the 21st century, Berlin has undergone a long journey.
The city of the Brandenburg Gate has been the capital of six different regimes: a Principality, a Kingdom, an Empire, a Republic, a Totalitarian State, and finally a Federal Republic. Situated at the crossing of two important historic trade routes, on the way Berlin has also been divided in two and again reunified.
A memory of walls to some, now an open door to many; this city was at the center of quite an amount of talks, around the table of International Cooperation (IC).


Are you curious to learn more about the talks that take place around the IC table? Join the Forum cinfo 2016!
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A glimpse into the Forum

A career with the UN or a NGO? Working in fragile contexts? Combining all this with a family life? Our career fair on 28 October, the Forum cinfo, will cover these and many other topics. Furthermore, you will have the chance to directly exchange with more than 50 actors from the humanitarian and development world. Lean back and take a glimpse into an event you absolutely shouldn’t miss!

More information: #cinforum16

Destination 5: Jerusalem

Greetings from East Jerusalem. The Cinfo forum will discuss living and working in fragile contexts like this one. Religions, walls, violence, injustice, beautiful people and still no peace in sight? What can be done in a situation like this by International Cooperation and how do you live with the fact that as an expat you have freedom of movement (when the violence stops) and beautiful scenery but almost two million people in Gaza have never been able to leave their home…


At the Forum cinfo 2016, don’t miss the discussion on “The reality of living and working in fragile contexts”- 28 October 2016, at 10.30am.

The updated programme is now online and you can download it on:


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